Subject iboEvents and Firebird 338
Author Dave Bullar
Help Please !
Are there any known problems with iboEvents and Firebird and

I have a program (modified iboReplication) which I want to call periodically
every 15 mins and disconnect from the server afterwards.

Program runs fine for precisely 20 cycles then freezes. (Timer delay set to
10 seconds in place of 15 minutes for test purposes)

If I comment out the 'eventRegister' line of code the program cycles fine
(but of course does not function as intended). The events do not arise in
either case (but they will in practice). I wondered whether the 'unregister'
was being called at disconnect, but it is.

Is something like a buffer being left uncleared by unregister ?

when program freezes it is always doing a 'disconnect'. And after a while I
get a 'cannot connect to server' message. And other programs such as IB_SQL
cannot then connect to server. It can be released only by 'server stop /
server start'.

I should add that the 'server' is an old PC being used for test purposes
running win98.

As soon as possible I will try it at work with a proper server but won't be
popular if that has to be stopped and started !!

Connect/Disconnect/connect can recycle happily at 300ms intervals between
Connect/ run program /disconnect/Connect etc can recyle happily at 1 second
intervals between each of if register events is commented out.
Freezes after 20 cycles if events are registered even though events don't

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