Subject Re: Locating
Author sdbeames
--- In IBObjects@y..., "Scronkey" <ryan@f...> wrote:
> I have a table with 2000 records.
> When I do a T_IBQuery.Locate, locating the last record in the
> it seems to take some time, as it "Fetches" all records.
> A dialog pops up with,
> "Fetching Query Results"
> (taking around 8 secs)
> until the last record is reached.
> -Ryan

See if you can find anything on HDR (Horizontal Data Refinement) in
the help files too. Adding something like ";POS=0" to the end of your
OrderingLinks will cause much less data to be retrieved. The only
downside I found was that some of my attached TIB_Edit boxes became
dark gray in colour after Locating, but a call to RefreshKeys fixes