Subject Re: [IBO] Schema Cache
Author Geoff Worboys
> I would like to use TIB_Connection.SchemaCache.TableNames property,
> but when I want to read it in my code, I always receive an empty
> StringList.

First things first...

Set up a small test application accessing a predefined database, say
employee.gdb. DONT use the SchemaCacheDir and try to access the
TableNames. Does it work?

Presuming the above is OK then in your app get rid of the
SchemaCacheDir (to begin with at least) and try using the TableNames.
Does it work?

If not, are you doing anything unusual? For example creating the
database and running a script - then immediate trying to read
TableNames without an intervening disconnect/connect ??

If not, try to isolate the problem by creating a simple app based on
what you are doing in your main application. If you can produce a
relatively simply example you can send it to Jason or myself for
further investigation.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing