Subject Re: [IBO] Which is the best method to implement security?
Author Geoff Worboys
> I'm starting with Firebird and I'm trying IBO trial. I'm planning
> the application (use Delphi 6) and I need a good ideas to how
> implement the security at user level.

This is not specifically an IBO question, first you must understand
IB/FB security. So RTFM...

IBObjects Related:

- The IBO online help - available where you downloaded IBO.
(Also: )

- The release notes (distributed in the IBO Source as

- FAQ and Tech Sheet information at

- Getting Started Guide:

Interbase/Firebird Related:

- The firebird website:
(see links to "Documentation" and "Novice's Guide").

In particular most people should download and have as reference
the IB6Beta documentation available from:

Other Useful Sites:

- IBPhoenix:

- Claudio Valderrama's resource site:

- Ivan Prenosil's site:

> 1) is it ok to implement the security creating user in firebird
> database?
> 2) is it good choice to use role?
> 3) how can implement the security on form? For example, only certain
> user can see a particular button or other object.

I think the standard response to this sort of question is; "How long
is a piece of string?" IOW there is no useful answer, it depends on
your situation and how important security is to your application.

IB/FB security is not great, is generally OK for internal networks but
dont rely on it for information open to the web unless the information
is not of great importannce.

Roles can be good and useful things, but make sure you understand them
(and do some experiments) before getting too far into your application

There are various things you can do to extend, enhance or adjust IB/FB
security (see Samples/Survey for an example of the
"LoginUsernamePrefix" capability of TIB_Connection). But whether any
of the known possibilities are appropriate to your requirements I have
no way of knowing. Hopefully the above links will give you some

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing