Subject Bug with Last, OrderingItemNo and Pos
Author Miguel
I think that I have found an IBO bug. I am using the last IBO version
avaliable and FB 1 Release Version.

I usually have two indexes, ascend and descent to get that when I call Last
Dataset procedure and the navegability can be very fast with IBO 4. It works
very fine but if I call Last procedure and I change the OrderingItemNo, my
DBGrid (I don't use native controls) begins to do strange things, the
TDataset becomes empty, if I change the OrderingItemNo again I see the
TDataset empty again or two or three records, and so on. You can test it
calling Last and changing the ordering.

Jason, has you any idea about this? If I remove the POS parameter in
OrderingLinks I haven't any problem.

My OrderingItems by example:


My OrderingLinks:


If I change this to::


My problems go out.

My KeyField is ID, an autoincrement field value that I get with a generator
using GeneratorLinks or IB trigger.

Thank you.