Subject Re: [IBO] Server install
> I know this is kind of off topic but anyways, I want to install the firebird
> server with my app. The install should be silently integrated with my app
> install, the server should only run when my app is running, and listen on a
> different port, so that multiple servers could run. Is this possible?

Number of problems here, but I suggest you take this to
ib-support as you will get some better and more complete

Running multiple copies of Interbase is not possible.
Firebird can have it's port changed, but I think that it
still looks in the one place for setup, so again only one
copy can run.

Install is a matter of which installation wizard you are
using, various options are available but I only use the
'finished package'

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services