Subject Searching and column aliases
Author yeohray
I have the following query:

select "ItemID",
a.description "Description",
b.description "Category"
from stockitems a inner join itemcategories b on a.category1_id =

I can set the ordering quite nicely using the following:

Ordering items:
Description=a.Description;a.Description DESC
Category=b.Description;b.Description DESC

Ordering links:

I am trying to use the SearchingLinks property to be able to perform
searches on each of the three columns but have not been able to
figure out how to do this. I get errors like 'column ITEMID not
found' etc, so I think the SQL that is formed is something
like 'WHERE ItemID = xx'.

How can I tell IBO that any searches on the ItemID column is
referring to ''? I need to use column aliases because the
queries are dynamic.

Thx in advance.