Subject Re: [IBO] A few questions about IBO
Author Scronkey
Hi Geoff,
thanks for an excellent reply!

> The triggers do fire. I am guessing that they are just not firing
> when you expect them. Note that the server does not have "insert"
> "edit" modes, these are client application concepts. When you put
> dataset into "insert mode" the server knows nothing about it. When
> you post the inserted data then the server gets to see an insert
> statement and the triggers fire. So the before insert trigger
> when the inserted record is posted (just before the data is
> and not when the client simulates an "insert mode".
> If that does not explain what you are seeing we will need more

I understand your point here, but the problem I noticed is:
(not using GeneratorLinks)
When I hit insert, I don't see the trigger val (as the server knows
nothing of it yet), but when I hit post, I get an error saying that
field 'PK' is needed (ie, trigger does not seem to have
been 'triggered'). If I supply any value to the PK field, the record
posts, ignoring my PK value and uses one properly generated by the
If I use generatorLinks, the 'PK' value is displayed on insert and
all's well.
I just want to understand why IBO doesn't check the trigger before
displaying the 'Required Field' error when posting, yet when I
supply a 'PK' val, it is ignored and the proper trigger is used
Does this make sense??

> It takes time, but IBO makes it worth it. Good luck.

Expecially when people are really selfless and supportive in groups
such as this!! :)