Subject Data not Updated
Author Gerald W. McCaig
On occasion I have had situations where a client's balance does not get
updated when a transaction is committed...

For example:

I have 3 queries with update objects a stored procedure. All of them are
part of the same transaction. Everything is set to Read Committed and
Lock Wait. Once in a while, when the transaction is committed
(retaining), all the queries get updated, but the stored procedure does
not complete the client balance update.

The reason I am using the Stored Procedure to update the client balance
is because this is a multi-user application and the same client record
may be updated between the time one user starts and completes a
transaction. So, in the SP I alter the balance based on what the DB says
is the client's current balance.

Is there anything wrong with the IBO 4.2g? Does anyone have any ideas,
because this is obviously a huge problem and I can't let it go unfixed.

Thank you,