Subject Re: [IBO] Attention Helen - Re: IBO VCL --> CLX
> Even if i had Kylix, with-out the visual controls i cannot test it. I
> suppose what i am wondering is if IBO for Kylix will have the same function
> calls as IBO for Delphi.

I have sections of my code that do not use the visual
interface. These have transfered to Kylix IBO Beta without
any problem. Only having to convert the ICS was a problem.

The next step is to - for example - provide an IB_Grid in
Kylix. Since the bulk of the setup for that is already
provided in the query, then basic functionality will not
change. Events are a little more difficult to handle and
will probably need some manual adjustment, but I anticipate
that the bulk of a Delphi application should be possible to
move to Kylix with little trouble.

My problem is all my code is C++ - roll on Kylix 3 <g>

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services