Subject DisplayFormat Problem
Author stanw1950
I have a tib_edit control linked to a float data field from a
tib_query. I have set the DisplayFormat property to 0.00;;#. The user
is allowed to enter as many decimal positions as he wants, but only
two position will show. When the query is placed in edit mode and the
field is tabbed to everything is fine. If the value is 11.11, that is
what is displayed. If the user changes it to 11.1112 and tabs out of
the field, then 11.11 is displayed. But when the user tabs through
all the controls (still in edit mode) and returns to the 11.11 field,
11.109999656 displays (the actual float value). Why did the
formating work the first time through but not after that? I messed
around with the EditMask format, but that made things worse.

Thanks in advance. (ibo 4.2.hg; delphi 6 ent)

Stan Walker