Subject Re: [IBO] Attention Helen - Re: IBO VCL --> CLX
Author Daniel Rail
At 18/07/2002 12:59 PM, you wrote:
>At 16:36 18/07/2002, you wrote:
> >IBO doesn't have an API.
>What do you call the IBO functions then?

Functions! An API(Application Programming Interface), is an interface to
another application, so you can use functionality of that other application
in your own. i.e.: GDS32.DLL has an API so that IBO can communicate with
it. IBO would have an API, if it would be a DLL, COM object or any other
type of application or external extension.

> >In the beta group, there is minimal interest in the GUI side and more
> >interest in being able to compile the core data access without needing to
> >use Qt at all. Kylix generates enormous executables. Users appear to be
> >more interested in using IBO on Linux for developing console applications -
> >web servers and application servers.
>In other words there are no Visual controls for Kylix nor is there are
>plans for them - Is this correct?

Reading Helen's reply. She did state that it wasn't a priority, but never
mentioned that they will never be created.

> > >2. Will it just be a case of including different files?
> >
> >Well, yes, you do use a completely different set of *libraries* for CLX -
> >and there is one set of libraries for Windows and another for Linux.
>I think you misunderstand me - I would like to know if it will be possible
>to take my Source code and Form files to Kylix (having avoiding using
>windows api) and with little work recompile them in Kylix to get a version
>of the app that will run on Linux using the CLX calls instead of the VCL ones.

The only way to find out is to do it yourself. I don't have IBO for Kylix
at the moment, so I can't try it myself, even though I do have Kylix
installed for another project that I'm working on, but IBO is not part of
the specs.

Daniel Rail