Subject Re: [IBO] Remote Datamodule with IBO_Conection
Author Jason Wharton
Obviously you cannot have all the connections at the same time with just one
TIB_Connection component. What you can do is have a TIB_Connection component
for each remote connection and then you can have a single TIB_Transaction
component and using the AddConnection() method set all the connections to it
and have a single transaction across all those remote databases. This is
called 2-phase commit and it is very powerful. You are given a nice single
transaction across multiple databases.

PS. What on earth do they mean by a Free Love Reading if it costs $5?

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] Remote Datamodule with IBO_Conection

> Hi All,
> My app have 12 remote datamodules. I need add one IBO_Conection per
> remote datamodule?
> Thanks.