Subject Re: [IBO] Firebird and IBO problem
Author Luiz
There was a problem with insert, ibo and firebird 1.0.

The code in ibo was correct, but changes in firebird didn't accept insert
statement as:
insert into table (table.field1, table.field2) values (xx,yy).
With Firebird 1.0, the correct insert will be:
insert into table (field1, field2) values (xx,yy).

So, if your problem is this, take the latest version of IBO and compile your


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Subject: [IBO] Firebird and IBO problem

> Hi,
> I have swapped our main server over to Firebird 1 so I can use larger file
> sizes and a utility I wrote that uses the IBO datapump has ceased to
> function. I tried a quick one from scratch and then didnt work either.
> I uninstalled FB and went back to IB6 open source both worked fine. Any
> ideas?
> Delphi 6.0 and IBO 4.2 Ef
> Thanks,
> Andy