Subject Re: [IBO] Firebird and IBO problem
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi there,

Luiz wrote:
> There was a problem with insert, ibo and firebird 1.0.
> The code in ibo was correct, but changes in firebird didn't accept insert
> statement as:
> insert into table (table.field1, table.field2) values (xx,yy).
> With Firebird 1.0, the correct insert will be:
> insert into table (field1, field2) values (xx,yy).
> So, if your problem is this, take the latest version of IBO and compile your
> apps.

...or, if you can't recompile your app for whatever reason, use Firebird build
821 (as Lester suggested). This page may be of some help here:

i made this to give some more insight into the "insert into tbl (tbl.field)"
problem with IBO (pre 4.2G) and FB 1.0.

when parsers parse, and compilers compile, then why don't objects object?

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