Subject RE: [IBO] Displaying a TIME field (Attn. Jason and Dirk Schiffler )
Author Ales Kahánek
I can simply say the following :

Before update to 4.2Hc there was a nice feature to
insert value to TIME field in the grid. A user could type for example digit
8, then he moved to another column and the value was automatically completed
to '8:00'. Now (4.2Hc) it displays mask 8 : : and after moving to another
column the app complains that this is not valid time.

I tried to set NODATE and FieldDisplayFormat hh:nn to this field and nothing
has changed. The ShortDateFormat variable is h:mm. OS Win XP Pro, Delphi 6
update 2.

If more detail is needed, tell me, please.

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