Subject TIB_Cursor, a stored procedure and rights.
Author Bert Neef
Hi All,

I have a very annoying problem, I have a TIB_Cursor which does a select on
a stored procedure. this works perfectly when I execute it as sysdba. Well
I don't want the regular user to have access to the table so I granted the
select right on that table to the stored procedure, the execute right on
the procedure to the role the user assumes. and tried again. doesn't work.
I get an error about not having select rights on the table, which the
user/role doesn't have. but the stored procedure does have.

Am I doing something wrong or is this simply not possible? I am using
firebird 1.0 with IBO 4.2Hf under delphi 5.0 Prof.

Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated.