Subject tib_ctrlgrid bug(?)
Author stanw1950
I have a form with two tib_ctrlgrids. Each grid's data source is a
tib_datasource tied to a tib_query. The two queries operate on two
separate tables ("select partnumber from part" and "select name from
customer") and are not linked in any way. Each row of each grid has a
tib_edit component tied to the corresponding field for the query.
When I run the application all the data for both tables show
correctly. The problem is when I scroll through either grid the
current edit control in the other grid flickers. I've tried changing
all the properties that I could, but still the flicker. This behavior
does not happen with the standard TDBCtrlGrid in Delphi. Is there a
property that I'm missing or is this a bug? Thanks in advance. (Dephi
6 Ent UP2; IBO 4.2.hg)

Stan Walker