Subject Re: [IBO] Getting started with Delphi and IBObjects
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 08:01 AM 03-07-02 +0000, you wrote:
>Dear all,
>To introduce my questions: I have started to learn myself Delphi
>programming. Although I have some experience in C, Basic (not visual),
>and PHP programming, this is my first visual language. I do, however,
>have a lot of MS access (including some VBA) experience.
>I would like to create a (simple) accounting package, which partially
>already exists in MS Access and which I want to convert. I also would
>like to have it running under Linux in the future.
>Questions are:
>-Do you recommend to start using Delpi and at the same time learn
>IBObjects? Can it be done by a Delphi beginner?

It can be done; however, you really need to get a good understanding of
Delphi's object model generally in order to understand how IBO works. (The
same is true of non-IBO database programming, to quite some degree).

>-Can I use books like "Mastering Delphi" without getting confused by
>the other Database components, or should I skip these chapters?

Such books are a good introduction to the way database access components
and data-aware controls work together. IBO does, however, provide a very
much higher degree of encapsulation than the VCL data access models
do. Perhaps it would be easier for you to work with the tutor material and
to use the TIBO* data access components, since these provide emulation of
the VCL TDataset-derived classes. Don't skip these chapters! In general,
they do a much better job of teaching you, than the Borland documentation does.

>-Will it be helpfull to buy the Getting Started Guide? (again for a
>Delphi newbie?

The GSG is *not* a Delphi-newbie book - it doesn't teach you how to use and
understand Delphi. It shows you a lot of the concepts that IBO
encapsulates especially for InterBase and Firebird. It's not an
introduction to Delphi database programming, either.

>-Are there any other sources that would help me started?

Keep the Delphi help open and running beside you. Everything that the VCL
TDatabase, TTable and TQuery do is emulated by the the TIBO* data access
components. The bulk of the help for these classes is in the VCL ancestor
classes: the IBO component help only documents what is added to the IBO
descendant classes - and a good deal of this additional stuff is actually
documented in the native IBO (TIB_) ancestor classes.

I hope I haven't scared you off! but it really is important, coming from
your VB background, to get your head around the inheritance and
polymorphism that pervade Delphi.

By all means post questions to this list when you get stuck without a clue!
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