Subject Getting started with Delphi and IBObjects
Author nederhrj
Dear all,

To introduce my questions: I have started to learn myself Delphi
programming. Although I have some experience in C, Basic (not visual),
and PHP programming, this is my first visual language. I do, however,
have a lot of MS access (including some VBA) experience.

I would like to create a (simple) accounting package, which partially
already exists in MS Access and which I want to convert. I also would
like to have it running under Linux in the future.

Questions are:
-Do you recommend to start using Delpi and at the same time learn
IBObjects? Can it be done by a Delphi beginner?

-Can I use books like "Mastering Delphi" without getting confused by
the other Database components, or should I skip these chapters?

-Will it be helpfull to buy the Getting Started Guide? (again for a
Delphi newbie?

-Are there any other sources that would help me started?

Thanks in advance for your help.