Subject Re: [IBO] DML caching with IBODatasets
Author Luiz

You could use a refresh with a timer or sockets to send a notification to
clients indicating a modification on any records. I try it the last one,
it worked, but I didn't like too much, because the flick in my grid. So, I
solve abandon tiboquerys and started to use tib_query with ibodmlcache. I
found more confortable work with it.


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Subject: [IBO] DML caching with IBODatasets

> Is is possible to have DML caching with IBODatasets.
> Reading your DML Caching doc I see Application and Global scoped
> caching still requires DMLCache flags at the ib_dataset level and ibo
> datasets do not have such a property.
> If DML caching is not possible - what is the next best way to keep an
> app in sync ( my app has hundreds of datasets )
> D5 IBO 4 IB 6
> Thanks - Rod