Subject Re: [IBO] found ibo (?) bug
Author Hundri Magusin

Your explanation makes perfect sense, as always. What I find bothersome is
the fact that, to quote, "the
failed locate takes you to the end of the dataset. With a TTable, which a
TIBOTable is supposed to emulate, locate is supposed to behave differently
(or at least that's what I always believed):

(from the online help)

Implements a virtual method for searching a dataset for a specified record
and makes that record the active record.

function Locate(const KeyFields: string; const KeyValues: Variant; Options:
TLocateOptions): Boolean; virtual;

This function returns False, indicating that a matching record was not found
and the cursor is not repositioned.

Therefore TIBOTable when locate fails it moves to the end, with a normal
dataset, the cursor remains unchanged. I'll be more careful with TIBO now I


> You are observing perfectly normal, regular behaviour for TDataset. The
> failed locate takes you to the end of the dataset. Then you place the
> dataset in Edit mode. Because there is no record there, Delphi calls
> Insert instead of Edit and inserts a new row. You immediately call Post
> without adding any data - causing IBO to attempt to post this newly
> inserted record. Because a required field is null, you are getting the
> Your assignment statement won't work unless you tell IBO that the field is
> a Boolean - IB has no Boolean type. You would need to set the IB_BOOLEAN
> attribute using the ColumnAttributes property; otherwise your assignment
> statement would need to be
> procedure TForm1.IBOTable1BeforePost(DataSet: TDataSet);
> begin
> IBOTable1X.asBoolean:='F';
> end;
> By the way, this is not valid SQL in IB 6 or Firebird:
> CHECK (VALUE IN ("T","F"))
> Strings can not have double-quote delimiters.
> regards,
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