Subject Re: [IBO] found ibo (?) bug
Author Geoff Worboys
> Your explanation makes perfect sense, as always. What I find
> bothersome is the fact that, to quote, "the failed locate takes you
> to the end of the dataset. With a TTable, which a TIBOTable is
> supposed to emulate, locate is supposed to behave differently (or at
> least that's what I always believed):

In the demo I setup for another thread on the list my TIBOQuery does
not move the selected row after a failed locate. I tried putting in
some Edit/Post stuff like your first posting but could not reproduce
your reported problem.

I doubt if TIBOTable would operate differently - other than the fact
that it is less controllable and so more unpredictable.

Fixup the boolean field and the double quotes etc and try again. If
you have a choice use TIBOQuery so you can be explicit about the

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing