Subject Nested Transactions?
Author ehandbury

(BCB4, IBO4_Gc, FB1)

Say I have a form with transaction BigTrans, which calls another
form with transaction LittleTrans. I want the following things:
1) If the user cancels the changes in the inner form, then
LittleTrans is rolled-back without affecting BigTrans. (No problem
2) If the user saves the changes in the inner form, then the
changes in LittleTrans become part of the changes in BigTrans. This
is because each invocation of the inner form will result in a
separate transaction instance. For example, the user may invoke this
inner form 5 times during the lifetime of the BigTrans, and may only
want to save the changes from 3 of these invocations.

Is #2 possible?

TIA. Eric.