Subject Re: [IBO] How find where a program uses unnecessary BDE units?
Author mmenaz
Ok, so I turn the question this way:
a) how can I be sure that the code does not use BDE stuff?
b) if it uses it (I mean, if somewhere it's USED, not in the uses clause on=
ly), who can I discover where (in what unit?)?
You know, A.pas could "uses" B.pas that "uses" C.pas that uses BDE stuff an=
d links it to the whole exe.
Marco Menardi

--- In IBObjects@y..., Svein Erling Tysvær <svein.erling.tysvaer@k...> wrot=
> >Hi, it's a little of topic, but I need IBO experts ;)
> Or Delphi experts? Well, I'm neither, but I'll still answer.
> >Recently I fixed FastReport code and removed a "uses DB" that was wrongl=
> >also in the IBO conditional compilation stuff.
> >I thought that after that fix my program would have been reduced in size=
, but
> >was not true, so I think that some other unit, somewhere, is "using"
> >unnecessary BDE units.
> Were any db components used in the code, or just the declaration "uses DB=
> I took one project I have, added one component that I knew I didn't use (=
> fact, it was one of the many components I've never used), compiled (which=

> added four units to my uses clause) and the .exe size grew. Then I delete=
> the component leaving the uses clause unchanged, and the .exe size shrink=

> to the same size as it originally were + 1kb (that tells me is that the
> four added elements in the uses clause increased my .exe by between 1 and=

> 1999 bytes). So, my conclusion is that including something in the uses
> clause only marginally affects size, you have to actually use the compone=
> for it to be of any importance.
> Set