Subject Large Query results - POS
Author Miguel
I think that IBO has a feature to work with large query results, go to
last and locate records very fast. I define two indices, ascending and
descending and in TIBOTable it looks that it is automatic, the last is done
very very fast, but I don't get to emulate it with TIBOQuery and I would
like to works with Queries and not Tables. I am trying to use POS but I
don't get it. Any example? Any idea?

I want to get it because I would like to use ExpressQuantumDBTreeList
and the help tells :

> The SmartLoadRecords mode works in the following manner:

> On activation of a dataset, the DBTreeList loads records which have a
> PARENT value equal to RootValue (Locate the first record whose parent
> equals RootValue and then fetch and load the records when the values of
> PARENT field are equal. That is why your dataset has to be sorted by the
> PARENT field). Then DBTreeList loads records if necessary - on expand
> nodes and when the DBTreeList has to retrieve the full structure of the
> loaded tree node.

If IBO can get performs locates fast I could to work with this component
and large tables.

Thank you to everybody and to Jason for your great support.