Subject Re: [IBO] How find where a program uses unnecessary BDE units?
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>Hi, it's a little of topic, but I need IBO experts ;)

Or Delphi experts? Well, I'm neither, but I'll still answer.

>Recently I fixed FastReport code and removed a "uses DB" that was wrongly
>also in the IBO conditional compilation stuff.
>I thought that after that fix my program would have been reduced in size, but
>was not true, so I think that some other unit, somewhere, is "using"
>unnecessary BDE units.

Were any db components used in the code, or just the declaration "uses DB"?
I took one project I have, added one component that I knew I didn't use (in
fact, it was one of the many components I've never used), compiled (which
added four units to my uses clause) and the .exe size grew. Then I deleted
the component leaving the uses clause unchanged, and the .exe size shrink
to the same size as it originally were + 1kb (that tells me is that the
four added elements in the uses clause increased my .exe by between 1 and
1999 bytes). So, my conclusion is that including something in the uses
clause only marginally affects size, you have to actually use the component
for it to be of any importance.