Subject strange Locate-behaviour and HDR
I have a customers-table and when I do a locate on the name-column, I
get some strange behaviour. On the name-colum are two indexes, one
ascending and one descending. When I order the customer-table by the
name-field, the result looks like this:

Media Markt
Media Markt
Media Markt & Saturn
Media Markt TV-Hifi
Media Markt TV-Hifi

There are a lot of customers with name Media Markt, all in different
cities. Now I do a locate 'Media Markt' on the name-field, the cursor
jumps always to the customer 'Media Markt & Saturn'. If I order by name
ascending or descending, or I order by another field, if I start at the
first or the last record, the cursor jumps always to this customer
somewhere in the middle of the Media Markt-Customers.
All locates are made with HDR enabled. If I disable HDR and fetch all
records to the buffer and do then a locate, the cursor jumps to the
first Media Markt.
After some investigation I discovered, that the customer 'Media Markt &
Saturn' is the first customer, which names start with 'Media Markt',
when I open the query in natural order, so without any ordering.
So it seems to me, that IBO doesn't use the index on the name-column,
when it searches the record. Only when all records are in the buffer, it
works as expected.

PS: Jason, have you read my mail on 22.04.2002 with the subject 'Delphi
hangs up at Close All, the second' in the mailing-list ?
At the moment it is really a pain for me, EVERY time I use the property
editor of TIB_Query, I have to kill the delphi process in the