Subject FYI: new IBPhoenix CD contains "IBO-friendly" Firebird build
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi all,

i just received the 3rd IBPhoenix CD - very impressing! 600MB of stuff
around Firebird, docs, demos, knowledge database, 3rd-party tools.....

The good news for IBO users with old IBO apps waiting to be put on Firebird:

the CD contains build 821, and in this build it is now (again) legal to issue
statements like:

insert into country
(, country.currency)
("China", "Yen")

that were refused by the original 1.0 release. (it complained about the
table.column syntax, breaking older IBO apps that let IBO generate the
Insert statement from a Select). So, with the 821 build, older IBO apps
should run fine with Firebird without recompiling them.

...apart from that, the CD is the only way to financially contribute to the
Firebird development and imho is worth every penny. If you're working with
FB commercially, you should really consider a subscription to this CD.


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