Subject Re: [IBO] Select data from a database and insert it into another
Helen will probably have a long reply filed somewhere, but
to point you in the right direction.

> In case you need it I am running Delphi 5 enterprise,
> Firebird (ver 1?), IBO4 and Windows 2000. I am sorry
> but do not know how to display the versions of IBO or
> Firebird.

The IBO version is listed as on of the properties in every
IBO component, just have a look at a component to check the
version. (This is useful if you have something that needs a
newer version and you are still working with older copies as
well, as some of us do).

> Also Firebird starts when I start my computer but the
> only way I know is bedcause I can access the
> databases. There is nothing in the task list or on the
> task bar and I cannot find a program which allows me
> to stop or start the database or sweep the database
> etc.

That sounds like the latest one. Older versions have
'Interbase Manager' in the Control Panel, but the latest
version of Firebird will not work with the older Interbase
stuff. I've not been able to switch yet so can't check <g>

> I will be most grateful if someone would please supply
> me with the SQL statements needed to select data from
> a firebird database and insert it into a table in
> another firebird data base.

This is something that can't be done in one step. Copying
from one table to another in the same database is fine, and
INSERT can do that, but you can only have one database
connection open at a time.

In order to copy from one database to another you need to
use DataPump. This is the eighth button on IB_SQL Connection
page, which will give you an idea on how it works. You need
to specify what you want to copy (Source) and where it is to
go (Destination). Both of these can have their own

> I have read the interbase manual but cannot relate it
> to what I must do in my Delphi program.

This is when a good book on SQL comes in handy - does
anybody have a good reference for a current one <g>
There is a list on the IBO site.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services