Subject Select data from a database and insert it into another
Author John Hart

I will be most grateful if someone would please supply
me with the SQL statements needed to select data from
a firebird database and insert it into a table in
another firebird data base.

I have read the interbase manual but cannot relate it
to what I must do in my Delphi program.

In case you need it I am running Delphi 5 enterprise,
Firebird (ver 1?), IBO4 and Windows 2000. I am sorry
but do not know how to display the versions of IBO or

Also Firebird starts when I start my computer but the
only way I know is bedcause I can access the
databases. There is nothing in the task list or on the
task bar and I cannot find a program which allows me
to stop or start the database or sweep the database

Thank you in advance.

John Hart

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