Subject Re: [IBO] 4.2H Installation Problems
> I've reinstalled recently on a clean version of XP Pro & BCB5 and
> it seems to work OK so-far (only took two weeks to get XP to behave).

I haven't had time to play with mine - customers have
decided Linux is worth some effort, so SUSE8.0 will actually
get more attention than XP from me.

> But I did notice that my BCB5/V4.2Ha installation still requires the
> following nudges to install.....
> 1/ Add USEUNIT("IBD_Restructure.pas"); to IBO40VRT_C5.cpp
> 2/ Modify the Include Path & Library Path for IBO40EDT_C5.bpl to be
> identical to all the other bpl's. (I have a non-default BCB
> installation path).
> These mods have been needed for a few IBO versions now, perhaps they
> could be incorporated?

I hope to have a long running project put to bed this week.
Froze IBO at version 4.2E while that work was in progress (
I'm still on 3.6Cf for two major modules <g> ).

Builder has grown it's long term niggles, so I need to wipe
everthing and re-install, then I hope to get down to
switching to latest versions ( and FB1! - I'm still on 0.9.4

Since Jason has had other things on his mind, I think here
is the right place to keep track of Builder problems. As
long as we know about them, then they are not such a

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services