Subject [IBO] 4.2H Installation Problems
Author Stephen Lee-Woolf
I have just tried (a copule of times) to replace my 4.0 installation
with 4.2H and am having a few problems. The steps I have taken so far

1. Uninstalled all packages from component list
2. Removed all obsolete palettes
3. Deleted all files/subdirectories in the IBObjects root directory (c:
4. Deleted all ibo .BPL files from bpl directory.
5. Checked presence of source and bpl directories in both browse and
search paths.
6. Unzipped new release into IBObjects root directory.
7. Opened project file and done a build-all. No errors or warnings
generated. .bpl files correctly generated in proper place.
8. Attempted to install design-time packages. IBO40CDT_D6, IBO40ADT_D6,
IBO40WDT_D6 and IBO40WXDT_D6 all worked fine. IBO40TDT_D6, IBO40VDT_D6,
IBO40FDT_D6 and IBO40XDT_D6 all failed with the same error messages:
a. The procedure entry point@ib_metadata@initialization$qqvr could not
be located in the dynamic link linrary <filename>.
b. Can't load package <filename>. The specified procedure could not be

in each case <filename> was appropriate .BPL file for the module. ALL
these BPL exist in the correct place and were there before the install

The net result is that I have component tabs for iboAccess, iboCore,
iboTools and iboInternet, and nothing else.

Am I missing something? Can anyone suggest where I go from here?

Steve Lee-Woolf
University of Salford
Manchester, U.K.