Subject Re: [IBO] 4.2H Installation Problems
Author Jason Wharton
Please do a disk-wide search for rogue BPL files. That is the only thing I
can think of that may be messing you up.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Sent: Monday, April 29, 2002 1:16 AM
Subject: [IBO] 4.2H Installation Problems

> I have just tried (a copule of times) to replace my 4.0 installation
> with 4.2H and am having a few problems. The steps I have taken so far
> are:
> 1. Uninstalled all packages from component list
> 2. Removed all obsolete palettes
> 3. Deleted all files/subdirectories in the IBObjects root directory (c:
> \d6tools\ibobjects)
> 4. Deleted all ibo .BPL files from bpl directory.
> 5. Checked presence of source and bpl directories in both browse and
> search paths.
> 6. Unzipped new release into IBObjects root directory.
> 7. Opened project file and done a build-all. No errors or warnings
> generated. .bpl files correctly generated in proper place.
> 8. Attempted to install design-time packages. IBO40CDT_D6, IBO40ADT_D6,
> IBO40WDT_D6 and IBO40WXDT_D6 all worked fine. IBO40TDT_D6, IBO40VDT_D6,
> IBO40FDT_D6 and IBO40XDT_D6 all failed with the same error messages:
> a. The procedure entry point@ib_metadata@initialization$qqvr could not
> be located in the dynamic link linrary <filename>.
> b. Can't load package <filename>. The specified procedure could not be
> found.
> in each case <filename> was appropriate .BPL file for the module. ALL
> these BPL exist in the correct place and were there before the install
> attempts.
> The net result is that I have component tabs for iboAccess, iboCore,
> iboTools and iboInternet, and nothing else.
> Am I missing something? Can anyone suggest where I go from here?
> Thanks
> --
> Steve Lee-Woolf
> University of Salford
> Manchester, U.K.