Subject Opening 2 databases from a single login
Author David Husarik
Hi Group;

I am using a modified version of InitializeConnection
from Basic Tutorials.

procedure TFrmMain.InitializeConnection;
with dmConnection.IBC_Main do
Connected := False;
DatabaseName := (DBPath + DBName);
LoginDBReadOnly := True;
LoginPrompt := True;
Server := MchName;
Path := (DBPath + DBName);
Protocol := cpTCP_IP;
end; { with dmConnection.IBC_Main do}

with dmConnection.IBC_Archive do
Connected := False;
DatabaseName := (DBPath + DBName2);
LoginDBReadOnly := True;
LoginPrompt := False;
with Params do
Values['USER NAME'] :=
Values['PASSWORD'] :=
end; { with Params do}
Server := MchName;
Path := (DBPath + DBName2);
Protocol := cpTCP_IP;
end; { with dmConnection.IBC_Archive do}

I want the user to log into the first database
(dmConnection.IBC_Main) but I would like to use the
values from the login to get to the second database
(dmConnection.IBC_Archive). I have found the property
LoginUsername but where is the equivlant for PASSWORD.
Or is there an easier way to do this. I am using
Delphi 4.0 Professional with service pack 3 and IB
Objects 3.6 Dj. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
David C. Husarik

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