Subject [IBO] TMS-Components Package
Author Gerhard Knapp
i have a problem to update my application from BDE to IBO with the TMS-Components-Package.

There i used the "DBPlaner" with DBDaySource (DataSource was a TTable). All works fine.
Now i changed the table to a TIBOTable, and the connection between altering entries in the dbplaner and
the table what holds the data seems to be broken (no inserting, no update).

I only defined the TIBOtable.tablename, and the indexname, as in BDE-table too.

What have i to do with the Objectfields: SQLForUpdate, InsertSQL, EditSQL, DeleteSQL and so on?
Does it not work automaticaly as in TTable?

Has somebody experience with DBPaner and TIBOTable?

-so long

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