Subject IBODatabase & IBO4 1Min Query
Author Infocare Developer
Question1: IBODatabase.Connected problem

I am using IBO 3.4 and I had a problem where the database connection gets
lost. Then in Code I do the following (this is not all the code, just a
logical idea)

// in the beginning
IBODatabase.Connected := True or

if not IBODatabase.Connected then IBODatabase.Connected := True;

The only problem is that Connected is always true, even though the
connection was lost, it's as if IBO does not check again whether the
connection was lost, Maybe this was fixed in a later version, but I have
however tried version 4, and that brings me to my next question...

Question 2: I Min Query on IBO4

I have tested IBO4.02 and Had a severe problem with every first query ran
again a Database connection, Does not matter what type of query you run it
takes almost exactly 1 min. Just for the first query and then it flies, No
one else seems to have this problem, what could it be?