Subject Re: [IBO] Bug IBO+IP3000 when using OnRowChanged
Author Jason Wharton
Thanks for this fix. I just verified that it is indeed a valid and safe fix.
It will be in the next sub-release.

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From: "Laurent GILBERT" <laurent.gilbert@...>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, April 15, 2002 3:52 AM
Subject: RE: [IBO] Bug IBO+IP3000 when using OnRowChanged

> Hello Jason,
> I've found an IBO bug.
> After many tests, I searched that extra code IP runs when I set
> or use Footer.
> I've found that after resync the DataSet in CheckBrowsMode, the current
> record is set to an incorrect value => First record. Now, I know why
> first record works....
> * IP uses "wwDataSetCompareBookmarks" => TDataSet.CompareBookmarks =>
> TIBODataset.CompareBookmarks.
> I modified your procedure to save the current
> and to restored it at the end.....
> Now grid editing works......
> Bye,
> Laurent GILBERT