Subject Re: [IBO] "Dirty CheckBox" problem if the table is fully empty
Author freeadmin

Helen Borrie wrote:
> In Insert mode, you should see a "dirty checkbox" until you set the field
> to either your True or False value. IBO won't apply a default until it
> comes to post the insert and then it will apply it only if finds it to be
> What are you seeing that you think is a bug?

Daniel Rail wrote:
> Just to add to Helen's comments.
> Delphi's own TDBCheckBox has this behavior. And, almost any other
> data-aware checkbox component I've seen has it too, unless the checkbox
> component has been totally done from scratch and not based on Delphi's
> check box component. The only checkbox component that I've seen that
> doesn't have this behavior, you can change the bitmaps for the different
> states(Null, True, False) of the value.

Thank you for your answer, but the things you told me were clear for me so
far. Unfortunately my English is very poor and that is why you could not
understand what was my real problem.
In my opinion it was not a "real bug" and we can avoid this aesthetics
if Jason would complete (develop on) the following part of code:

Part of IBC_CheckBox.IMP:
function TIB_CustomCheckBox.GetFieldState: TCheckBoxState;
with DataLink do
if not Assigned( Field ) then
Result := cbGrayed
else if Field.IsDateTime or Field.IsBlob or Field.IsArray then
end else
if FValueChecked = FieldText then
Result := cbChecked
else if FValueUncheck = FieldText then
Result := cbUnchecked
else <========= IMO the code should be completed with IsEmpty
Result := cbGrayed;

Jason! Please take into consideration that this is only a suggestion from
my side to make your product better.