Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Edit bug/idiosyncracy?
Author stevefields37075
--- In IBObjects@y..., Steve Fields <fields24@b...> wrote:
> I'll check on it. Unfortunately I came from WinME so
> I went from one undesirable system to another. And
> just went to IBO 4.2G at same time....
> Steve Fields

After testing several locations it seems to be
a IBO/Win Xp type of problem. In several locations
in IBO dialogs (TIB_Query dialogs, etc.) it
seems to hide the cursor in the first position
of text fields. It could be that there is not
a few pixels spacing from the left border of the
control and the XP cursor: it seems to be only
a few pixels wide (maybe only one) and gets hidden
_under_ the borders. In other applications this
does not popup. I will just have to go with this.

Thanks anyway,
Steve Fields