Subject Re: [IBO] "Dirty CheckBox" problem if the table is fully empty
Author Daniel Rail
At 12/04/2002 09:17 AM, you wrote:
>According to the above settings the "Dirty CheckBox"
>problem is valid only if the table (IBBOOL) is fully
>empty and the table is in browse mode.
>I experienced this problem with the D5, IBO 3.6Di
>and IB tools.
>Do I make a mistake or is this a bug in the IBO 3.6Di?

Just to add to Helen's comments.

Delphi's own TDBCheckBox has this behavior. And, almost any other
data-aware checkbox component I've seen has it too, unless the checkbox
component has been totally done from scratch and not based on Delphi's
check box component. The only checkbox component that I've seen that
doesn't have this behavior, you can change the bitmaps for the different
states(Null, True, False) of the value.

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