Subject Working with Generators
Author Edson Luis Gonçalez

I have many queries in a form, to manager addresses, and
all relations like:

PAISES (like country)
ESTADOS (like states)

I try to insert into COUNTRY and press save button or F10.
A trigger in ActionList (default dataset commands) are fired,
posting data.
I have the property commit on post status active.
The problem ID (primary key) is entered
by a generator.
I'm posting, but the value of PAISES_ID (pk) isn't retrieved
for me.
If i try to insert a new field in ESTADOS (detail from PAISES)
occours an error saying the field paises_id is missing.
I manually have to create a function, to execute a sql statement
and retrieve value for specific generator.
I fire this function in BeforePost for any table.
Now is all right, but... what's the correct way do
work with generators and see in my current transaction in
visual mode too ?

Note: Using refresh, refreshkeys... the value is show, but
i miss the position record... this back to 1st record.


Edson Luis Gonçalez
Ribeirão Preto / SP / Brazil

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