Subject Re: [IBO] update a register
Author Ronaldo Rezende Vilela Luiz
> Two necessary things are:
> 1 - that your Keylinks are correct
> 2 - that you have RequestLive set to True.

Why the RequestLive property are disable in the form of "query edit" ? It's
only enable for change to true in the object inspector.

> >The options SyncBefore Edit,
> >Sync After Edit and Sync AfterInsert is necessary?
> If you are talking about the settings for the BufferSynchroFlags property
> (bsBeforeEdit, bsAfterEdit, bsAfterInsert) then these are for setting how
> you would like the synchronization between the server and the buffer to be
> handled. They do not affect whether the dataset is updatable.

I don't know if this options are the BufferSyncrhroFlags. It's on the tab
update of the form "query edit" (when a double click is performed on a
ib_query component).