Subject Re: [IBO] update a register
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 12:19 AM 10-04-02 -0300, Ronaldo Rezende wrote:
>The buttom update of my updatebar is disable.

Two necessary things are:
1 - that your Keylinks are correct
2 - that you have RequestLive set to True.

>Will I must click in the
>"generate for table" button in the UpdateSQL tab of the form "query edit" to
>use the button update of ib_updatebar?

You only need to do that if you require something special for inserts,
edits or deletes.

>I think that somebody tell me that
>the UpdateSQL was make internally by the IBO and isn't necessary to put
>EditSQL, InsertSQL and DeleteSQL propertys.

That is true, as long as your dataset's statement is a
"select....from...atable". If you have joins (where you want to update
rows from more than one table) or if you get your dataset from a selectable
stored procedure, then you will need custom SQL.

>The options SyncBefore Edit,
>Sync After Edit and Sync AfterInsert is necessary?

If you are talking about the settings for the BufferSynchroFlags property
(bsBeforeEdit, bsAfterEdit, bsAfterInsert) then these are for setting how
you would like the synchronization between the server and the buffer to be
handled. They do not affect whether the dataset is updatable.

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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