Subject Re: [IBO] Daniel Rail : re: Problems connecting using FB
Author Daniel Rail
Comments below:

At 09/04/2002 04:34 AM, you wrote:
>At 03:05 AM 09-04-02 -0400, Claudio wrote:
> >I never have seen that they cause problems between upgrades. Maybe the
> >engine had crashed thus it didn't zero those files on exit (at least the LCK
> >isn't deleted but cleaned). Maybe you ran into a file system permission
> >issue when you upgraded.

It did crash when I tried Vinicius' bug regarding the usage of UNICODE on
connection and trying a SELECT * FROM CLIENTS WHERE FIRSTNAME LIKE 'รง%'
statement. Full discussion about this is on IB-Support. I had to shutdown
Windows in order to shutdown Firebird and even then Windows had to force
Firebird's shutdown the drastic way. This only happens when connecting
with UNICODE character set. Vinicius did say that he needed it to work,
because he deals with China and I might in the next year or two.

>I tend to agree here. I've gone pretty much the same route as Daniel, I
>think, wrt to both Firebird and IBO upgrades and I've never encountered
>problems involving those system-written files. But I also don't install
>new stuff over old (not IBO, not Firebirds and InterBases) because of just
>this kind of problem.

I just written a reminder to myself.

>Also, being a long-time NT user and, of late, a Linux user, I've become
>very particular in my old age about being logged in as Administrator or
>root (as the case may be) when installing software. I learnt these things
>the hard way, too. :))

Thanks for the remarks Helen, I'll keep them in mind and make sure for my
software distributions do make sure that it's as close to a clean install
as possible when upgrading. And, I'm always logged in as administrator,
because I'm the only one that uses the computers at my location(home-office).

Again thank you both for the explanations and time. And, again excellent
work on Firebird.

Have a nice day to you both.

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