Subject Re: [IBO] Daniel Rail : re: Problems connecting using FB
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 03:05 AM 09-04-02 -0400, Claudio wrote:

Daniel Rail said

> > If those .evn and .lck files are created by Firebird, given a certain
> > circumstance, then I think it would be wise to add this to a FAQ(or other
> > documentation) for future reference.
>I never have seen that they cause problems between upgrades. Maybe the
>engine had crashed thus it didn't zero those files on exit (at least the LCK
>isn't deleted but cleaned). Maybe you ran into a file system permission
>issue when you upgraded.

I tend to agree here. I've gone pretty much the same route as Daniel, I
think, wrt to both Firebird and IBO upgrades and I've never encountered
problems involving those system-written files. But I also don't install
new stuff over old (not IBO, not Firebirds and InterBases) because of just
this kind of problem.

Also, being a long-time NT user and, of late, a Linux user, I've become
very particular in my old age about being logged in as Administrator or
root (as the case may be) when installing software. I learnt these things
the hard way, too. :))

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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