Subject Re: [IBO] IBO 4.2 Gc with D3 and Report Builder
Author andre2405
--- In IBObjects@y..., Geoff Worboys <geoff@t...> wrote:
> Andre,
> Given your mix of versions I doubt very much if anyone else here
> be able to reproduce your problem exactly. I dont have Delphi3, I
> probably have a copy of RB4 somewhere in my archives but dont have
> time to try an reinstall for just this purpose.

I don't use a mix of versions. I'm using IBO 4.2 Gc, this should be
the latest I think. I use D3 'cause I have to use it. RB 4.x is the
latest version available for D3.

> I suggest that you take a detailed look at the callstack when the
> exception occurs - this will generally give you some hint as to what
> particular component is giving problems. Once you have worked out
> which component/method then a breakpoint may allow you to discover
> exactly which property is involved - and this may let you work out
> how to work around the problem.

I tried to find the problem myself. I don't know to work with the
callstack. I just get an empty window. If you can advise me it would
be fine. If I trace query.close and I haven't open the report I can
get through many lines of code. If I open the report before, the
error occurs directly at query.close. I really don't know what to do

> That is to say. I expect the problem is specific to your version
> combination (I am using RB5 with IBO4 and Delphi5 without any such
> problems). I suspect you will need to find a work around for the
> problem.

I'm absolutely shure this is a problem of IBO 4 and RB 4.

> Such a work around may include closing or unpreparing the query
> closing the report, or perhaps disconnecting the query from the
> report. Lots of possibilities and probably only some patience and
> investigative debugging will reveal what needs to be done.

I tried a lot of things. Closing the query or setting the dataset to
nil makes no changes. If I close the query while the report is still
open the error occurs too.

thx a lot for your answer!

cu Andre