Subject Re: Inserting and navigating records in a closed dataset
Author mmenaz
--- In IBObjects@y..., Geoff Worboys <geoff@t...> wrote:
> Hi Marco,
> I dont really understand the question.
> I do know that there can be issues using IB_CtrlGrid - where controls
> on the grid need to be designed specifically to be replicatable. The
> results of incorrectly designed controls of CtrlGrid can be very
> strange and inconsistent.

I'm using IB_Edit controls descendant, so they should be ok. But it's not this my main problem for this post :)

> As for the master-detail and closed dataset aspects, please explain
> what you mean in more detail.

Simpli put: take a dataset, a updatebar and a grid. Keep the dataset close. Then hit "+" and add a record, fill the fields, post it, then add one more, and so on.
You will have, for istance, a grid with 10 records. You can navigate the grid, edit fields, delete rows but the dataset is still Close!
Is it "normal"? Is it "safe"? I mean, is a designed behaviour, or is something out of control, so it could work but it's not garantee?
If you have a program for enter orders, will you put the master dataset in insert state without opening it (since opening makes the select retrieve unwanted records from the server...) like I'm doing? If so, what about detail dataset? I had problems so I had to open the detail (never mind, since there are no detail records from the database for a new order ;)), and you?
Marco Menardi