Subject Inserting and navigating records in a closed dataset
Author mmenaz
Hi, for a "bug" in my problem, I was using a master detail relation with both datasets closed. I never noticed that since I was only adding records. For the detail dataset, I was using a IB_CtrGrid control. I started investigating because I had some strange behaviour in the app, like a IB_Date (outside the IB_CtrlGrid) showing the field with the edit mask instead of the display mask when I started editing another field (!), or value displayed different from the one in the database (problems in display synchronization), or having to cycle twice when inserting records tabbing off the last row.
I'm asking: what kind of hybrid is having some records in a grid in a closed dataset? Is it supposed to work, so I should trace that strange behaviour, or should be given some "stop" by IBO code for such a use? Or is for just one record basis purpose?
(now I keep the master closed and in insert state, and the detail instead open, and that works).
Marco Menardi