Subject Re: [IBO] IBO 4.2 Gc with D3 and Report Builder
Author Geoff Worboys
> I don't use a mix of versions. I'm using IBO 4.2 Gc, this should be
> the latest I think. I use D3 'cause I have to use it. RB 4.x is the
> latest version available for D3.

All I meant was that you are using old versions of Delphi and RBuilder
with a new version of IBO. It is not a mix that will be well tested
because a lot of users have moved on to the later versions of Delphi
and RB.

This is not a criticism - I understand that quite a few people have
stuck with Delphi3 because it is reputed to be the most stable version
so far produced (I have not used D3 so I dont know). My point being
that there will are fewer people using Delphi3 than later versions and
even fewer still attempting to use it with IBO4 (due to the published
limitations) and fewer still using that combination with RBuilder4.

This means that there are not going to be many people that can try to
reproduce your particular problem - I know I cant. And that makes it
more difficult to help you.

> I tried to find the problem myself. I don't know to work with the
> callstack. I just get an empty window. If you can advise me it would
> be fine. If I trace query.close and I haven't open the report I can
> get through many lines of code. If I open the report before, the
> error occurs directly at query.close. I really don't know what to do
> now:(

Build your application with the various debug options turned on,
including linking with the VCL debug libraries - and then do a full
BUILD of the application (to ensure all the debug information is
created). Start your application from within Delphi, show the
callstack window and then cause the problem to occur. The callstack
window should show the heirarchy of methods that have been called to
get to the problem code - this gives you a good start for working out
where to try debugging.

AFAIK there is no way to copy the callstack window to the clipboard,
so to post the information to this list you will have to type it from
the window - a pain but it may help us to be able to help you.

> thx a lot for your answer!

Sorry I cant be offer more specific help. I think you will need to
help yourself a lot here and so you do need to learn how to use the
callstack and the debugger.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing